Styling/Clothing and Color Choices:

I’m often asked about clothing. Clothing and color choices are very important, and they can greatly impact the final look of the photographs. Below I have listed some suggestions, and I have created a Pinterest board to help guide you along the way.

Helpful Tips:

  • Coordinate a color scheme, but don’t match.

  • Avoid solid bright, bold reds, oranges, and pinks; these can create an unflattering color cast on the skin. Instead choose a softer shade of color, a pastel, or muted tone. For example, instead of wearing hot pink, choose a soft shade of pink.

  • Avoid anything neon; remember softer colors will photograph better.

  • Softer shades of colors photograph much better, and they are more flattering to the skin. Look for pretty muted colors or neutrals.

  • Avoid tight patterns (commonly seen in mens dress shirts); this can cause a wonky look in images called chromatic aberration.

Dresses/Coordinating outfits:

Sometimes it’s best to start with Mom’s dress/outfit, then coordinate rest of the family around the dress. Below are some suggestions for places to find great dresses.

  • ASOS

  • Lulu’s

  • Morning Lavender

  • Roolee Boutique

  • Pink Blush Maternity

  • Piper & Scoot

  • Free People

  • Some clients have also had luck at forever21, Amazon, and local boutiques.